Implanting immigrants not new idea

Drudge Report's headline notwithstanding, the idea of chip implants replacing green cards is not new --it was first suggested by Richard Sullivan, former CEO of the implant company (Applied Digital Solutions) in Dec. 2001. (Palm Beach Post, Deborah Circelli.)
Reminds me of Nathan Cochrane's post on Politechbot in 10.02: where he calls the implant/green card proposal chilling, and adds "I suggested this tongue in cheek on Dave Farber's IP list last November, but I never expected anyone to take me seriously." Read Cochrane's tongue-in-cheek proposal here. (Cochrane is Deputy IT editor for The Age and Sydney Morning Herald)

Not so tongue-in-cheek Cochrane asked: ""How much longer before implants are mandatory by law for all American citizens, and those in the rest of the world?" Posted by Picasa