CPAC, Day Two and holding

Pictured @ CPAC: Robert Bidinotto, TNI's Editor-in-Chief, and Pam of Atlas Shrugs. We gave away a lot of magazines -those are in addition to the 5,000 copies of our feisty "Up from Conservatism" March issue, which were all placed in each official CPAC tote bag. Robert and Ed Hudgins did interviews on Air America (Thom Hartmann Show), and Robert did a Talk Radio News Service interview. Ed's speech was carried on C-SPAN.

U.S. News & World Report stopped by and asked for a copy of the March issue. I had a long and interesting chat with a reporter from NPR. We also chatted with a reporter from Canadian Broadcasting Association.

Saw Coutlergeist signing books. I was unaware at the time that she had dropped the "f" bomb in her speech. (Crooks & Liars has vid) No word yet on how she likes having her name on a gravestone on our magazine cover -along with some other prominent conservatives -under the inscription, "Here lie the ideas of." Current Editor maintains Ms. Coulter's only philosophy is the "philosophy of the hemline," whilst Former Editor insisted she bears a remarkable resemblance to a praying mantis (after which he would proceed to bare his teeth, and flail about, demonstrating weird, bony, agular gesticulations to prove his point.) So now you have the image of a praying mantis in a little black dress. Or was that a preying mantis? Well, we note that experts on "Mrs. Mantis" say: "Not only does [she] not value you for your mind; by the time she gets done with you you don't even HAVE a mind."

Moving right along...

We all had a very nice chat with Jeff Gannon, who has a new book coming out on conservative media.

Couldn't get into Guiliani's appearance. Too packed. A line waiting outside. Brownbackies and Romniacs formed gauntlets in every hallway "Brownback, a conservative you can trust." etc. When Romney went for an interview on radio row with Brian Wilson of Toledo's WSPD, blazered youth toting signs swam around him with chants of "Romney! Romney!" Brownback's school of trained fish did likewise, although the Romniacs seemed skilled at completely surrounding and cutting off from view moving Brownbackies following after their leader. This resulted in a moving mass of "fish" shouting "Brownback! Brownback" whilst all one could see was a bevy of "Mitt Romney" signs. Nice. Like that's going to change anyone's vote?

Also ran into Marc Morano, Mal Kline (of Accuracy in Academia), Don Irvine (Accuracy in Media), Howard Wooldridge (Law Enforcement Against Prohibition.) and more. Howard said (and I have not confirmed this) that CPAC would not allow the drug legalization groups back this year. Also, I notice there have been no Log Cabin Republicans for a couple of years. I heard previously (unconfirmed) that Concerned Women for America had dropped out because these groups' presence ... and now CWA is back. Mixing religion and politics. Bad!

Really enjoyed getting to meet James Bovard. We chatted about Kosovo. He has an excellent chapter on this in his book "feeling your pain" -"Kosovo -Moralizing with Cluster Bombs." Across from our booth was Salvo -a new, trendy Christian magazine with real bite. I was particularly interested to speak with them, since I had already read Dr. Sami Husni's very positive review of the magazine. (Husni is a top magazine expert.) Salvo's "fake" ads are an interesting idea for indie mags. In keeping with their particular target audience, one 2-page fake ad is for "MercyMe Euthanasia Services." ("There are a million ways to go " --pictures of suicide methods --then a hand with a giant syringe -"but none as surefire as ours" "painless, peaceful, permanent." Ouch!)

Geyer Kosinski just called (here at the office.) Gee, that's kind of fun, taking a call from Angelina Jolie's manager...Even if it is for someone else. (heh heh) Actually it was for David Kelley, one of our editors and a co-producer on the upcoming film version of Atlas Shrugged, which will star Ms. Jolie. (Kelley is also the founder of The Atlas Society, which publishes the magazine.) John Aglialaro, one of our trustees, is an executive producer with the movie as is Jolie's manager. At CPAC, we had a high interest in our issue with Jolie on the cover and in the upcoming movie.

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