CPAC wrap-up

CPAC ended Saturday, but I thought I'd post one more photo. Here's Gene Holloway, our Director of Operations, attorney, and all-around Fount of Knowledge and Inspiration, with me at The Atlas Society booth. Everyone at The Atlas Society manned the booth at various times during the event. Their being accessible to the public led to many meaningful conversations with attendees. Those conversations ranged widely from foreign policy, to the life and works Ayn Rand, to specific articles in The New Individualist and the state of the conservative movement in general. Some also inquired about the status of the upcoming film version of Atlas Shrugged, set to star Angelina Jolie. (Two of our colleagues are producers for the movie.)

For more photos see this site or Editor-in-Chief Robert Bidinotto's blog. (Photos include: Robert addressing CPAC, and Robert and Ed being interviewed on Air America.)
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