Scoring the winning touchdown

Here's editor-in-chief Robert Bidinotto on stage, beaming with pride, accepting the Folio gold "Eddie", which was awarded to The New Individualist in New York City, Sunday night. A hearty congratulations to Robert for scoring the winning touchdown so The New Individualist could win the magazine 'super bowl' and take home the trophy.

Deepest thanks are due to The New Individualist team, which is so much more than just our staff (made up of Robert & Yours Truly), our colleagues at The Atlas Society, and our freelancers. It includes you - our supporters and subscribers without whom there would've been no dream realized, no resources or financial backing, no writers, no ink on paper, no magazine, and hence no award. You all are such a fundamental part of The New Individualist team, and this award belongs to all of you. I hope you are all savoring this moment and celebrating the integral part you each had in making this happen, including contributing your hard-won dollars. Talent + sweat + determination + great ideas + unquenchable dedication to freedom, reason and liberty + teamwork + $500,000 landed us in the winner's circle. Now that's something to celebrate -together.

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