Pigman cometh

Coming up in the March 2008 issue: A Robert Jones feature on Pigman, a new comic book hero for the times.

The anti-jihadist Pigman was conceived by artist Bosch Fawstin after 9/11 -around the same time he became an ex-Muslim atheist.


“This is your grandfather’s superhero,” Fawstin, 37, says about the ham-handed protagonist of his forthcoming graphic novel, The Infidel.

Pigman made his debut with a bold, Churchillian “Never Submit!” graphic message last September on Jihad Watch, Robert Spencer’s popular blog. Within hours, Pigman was all over the Blogosphere with his scowling jaw and square snout, fist raised, promising a pig’s knuckle sandwich to any fundamentalist nutjobs who got in his way.

...While Fawstin finds little of value in Islam, he is nonetheless cognizant that innocent Muslims could be recklessly targeted. Before he can annihilate the terrorists, Pigman must first finish off a copycat, who twists Pigman’s anti-Islamofascist mission by wantonly attacking peaceful, productive Muslims.

The Infidel serial is painted in bold watercolor brushstrokes. Fawstin’s stylized palette is full of rich and glowing hues, evoking the color schemes of painters like Dali and Hopper. Pigman’s language is just as colorful as he tosses off puns and one-liners. “Seventy-two virgins in paradise?” he snarls at the enemy. “Ha! Seventy-two rapists in hell!” “If an actor played Pigman, it would definitely be James Gandolfini,” Fawstin remarks. “Pigman has a gut, he eats more than he works off.”

And, although Fawstin need only read newspaper headlines—of riotous murder sprees by Muslims offended by Danish cartoons of Muhammad, and the murder of Dutch filmmaker Theo Van Gogh by a Muslim radical—to comprehend the firestorm his porcine hero might unleash, he remains optimistic about the Islamists’ ultimate demise.

“The more successful the terrorists are, the less successful they will be,” Fawstin remarked in an on-air interview with Shire Network News. “Because more of us will wake up and demand our leaders do what they’re supposed to.”

Until that happens, we can always take inspiration from Pigman, who makes mincemeat of those wascally Wahhabists while he saves our bacon.

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