High & Dry...oops, make that Mighty

Edited Email below is just one in a series of citizen-generated Katrina Rorschach test results.

No commentary needed.

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Subject: Fwd: Hurricane Katrina satellite image looks like 6-week fetus

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Hurricane Katrina satellite image looks like 6-week fetus

Satellite picture of Hurricane Katrina at NOAA.com
looks like a 6-week unborn human child as it comes ashore the
Gulf Coast, vicinity states of Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama,
and Florida at 12:32 PM, Monday, August 29, 2005

Hurricane "Katrina" (reportedly means "Pure" in Russian) - satellite image -
Monday, 29 Aug 05, 12:32 PM (EDT) - coming ashore Gulf Coast -
satellite image looks like 6-week fetus

check out NOAA website: www.noaa.gov/

The image of the hurricane above with its eye already ashore at 12:32 PM Monday, August 29 looks like a fetus (unborn human baby) facing to the left (west) in the womb, in the early weeks of gestation (approx. 6 weeks). Even the orange color of the image is reminiscent of a commonly used pro-life picture of early prenatal development (see sign with picture of 8-week pre-born human child below). In this picture, and in another picture in today's on-line edition of USA Today*, this hurricane looks like an unborn human child.

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God's message: REPENT AMERICA !
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AMERICA: God continues to warn us:

Repentance from child-murder-by-abortion and sodomy,
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