Katrina Rorschach Test results in

If the Katrina = fetus theory didn't grab your interpretive fancy, you have another option in the Act of God against Southern Decadence scenario , in which a just God shows the world that allowing kids to be raped, their throats slashed, 1/2 a nursing home drowned and hordes of straights killed and terrorized (for starters) is a great way to deal with those gays who won't stop wearing sparkly pants and Cavorting Like There's No Tomorrow.

Or you can choose the God hates Gaza withdrawal, satisfies Self by drowning poor people who live miles from D.C. explanation.

Or the Allah is punishing you bastards theory, accompanied by the "curse of the Jews" leitmotif.

[Tricky, tricky! Above photo shows proof of the hoodoo-voodoo: Surrounded by a sea of straight corpses, Zombie gays bob to surface of New Orleans to start another damn parade! ]

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