Pat Robertson

Blog catch up/ I couldn't help laughing at the WashPost editorial on Pat "Just Another Businessman" Robertson's latest foot-in-mouth ailment:

"WE WON'T even pretend to have given television evangelist Pat Robertson's latest obnoxious utterance much thought, considering his long history of pious bloviations that have made him come across to most Americans as, well, witless. Were it not for the widespread attention being given in Latin America to Mr. Robertson's call on Monday for the assassination of Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez, we would have preferred to allow the Christian Coalition's founder to continue his slide from America's mainstream into the obscurity he has so richly earned."

Oh, the ennui! Not noted is the WashPost's role in pinging this unnewsworthy tidbit around the news universe with about 5 stories on the issue...all published before the editorial. (And who can forget the long-winded age-defying diet shake-down story that followed.)

And then there was FoxNews announcing this as a "breaking story" every few minutes for hours on end.