"Are you believing what Osama wants you to?"

So reads a new link on the WorldNetDaily website today, followed by promotion for Richard Miniter's new book:

Are you believing what Osama wants you to?
'Disinformation' rips open 22 myths surrounding war on terror
--WND Book Service

The funny thing about this ad is, the book denounces as a "myth" something WND has been pushing hard: the nightmare scnenario of suitcase nukes that were planted around the US and scheduled to go off ...during Ramadan. Oops! Yesterday was the last day of Ramadan. Oh, well.

The book devotes a chapter to the "myth" of suitcase nukes & al Qaeda, in the process chastising sensationalistic media for having hawked the idea.

You can read more here: "Book: Washington Post, CBS All Wrong -- There are No 'Suitcase Nukes'" or you can go here and get a free chapter on the issue.
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