"Where will we find justice?"

From a colleague:

"My law school course in Equity was taught by an 80-year-old professor emeritus who graduated from the Naval Academy and he knew my name. Once when discussing an environmental case in which the judge was struggling to find a solution he asked, rhetorically, 'Where is a remedy if not in the courts?' I raised my hand. 'Well, sir, if there is no remedy in the courts, the remedy is in the streets.' Shocked, he paused. Then he said, 'I guess you're right.'

Sadly, the media will not be on the side of laissez faire and the sheeple will not take to the streets to defend freedom. More and more I am convinced that Ayn Rand did not succeed with Atlas Shrugged. The race to the bottom has reached the point of no return. The only solution is to accelerate the inevitable. Perhaps it's time to shrug."