Voting for Lonesome Rhodes

Hero worship is an easier path than truth. So says Marc Fisher in this interesting column. I don't agree with every point of Fisher's, but the gist of his article is an important observation.

Excerpt: "Lonesome Rhodes is a great American character, a work of fiction, from the movie voters most need to see in these last hours before we elect a president.

'A Face in the Crowd,' a 1957 masterpiece by Elia Kazan, is ... a movie about right now, about a moment when fear and insecurity do battle with pride and aspiration, a time when we know we're being lied to yet feel so comforted when people tell us everything's going to be just fine.

Despite the fact that both candidates for president got where they are by breaking the mold in their own parties, despite the fact that Americans chose these two men because they seemed like the least traditional, least phony choices in the lot, there is, in the end, no candidate who is leveling with the people. "
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